You are currently viewing 9 Powerful Reason to Buy Brazilian Human Hair Weave | Sayas Hair 8A Grade Brazilian Body Wave Human Hair Bundles

9 Powerful Reason to Buy Brazilian Human Hair Weave | Sayas Hair 8A Grade Brazilian Body Wave Human Hair Bundles

Brazilian Human Hair Weave

Brazilian Human Hair Weave

Brazilian Human Hair Weave – Brazilian hair is real human having a nice soft texture. It’s not as like other ordinary human hair weaving available in retail hair shops. Actually ordinary hair weaving can’t be treated as natural human hairs and thus sometimes they get out of control. But this is not the case in Brazilian Hair Weaving.

You can dryer them, straight them, style them any way or color them and even swim with them on. Then also they will remain as natural and as soft as ever before. And that’s why they can be used many times then other types of weaves.

Now some Information on the Procedure:

Person’s hair is braided on his own scalp either horizontally or vertically. Weave-pieces are sewed over the cornrow with thick thread. And because of thick thread, Brazilian hair weaving stays firmly for a longer period. Number of weave pieces and braided cornrows depends on how heavy hairstyle one wants to have. Brazilian Hair Weaving takes about 4 to 5 hours to put them on.

Brazilian hair is natural human hair that is top in quality and loved by many. Its specialty is that it does not go through any chemical processing and is lustrous, silky and light in texture making it among the most popular of all hair extensions in the market today. The glossy natural look makes it look good on any head and you can select a color that matches the color of your natural tresses for a natural look even with the extension in place.

The best features of Brazilian hair are that it does not tangle, shed or dry and it can also hold those beautiful curls for a long time. The hair extensions come in a wide range of colors and lengths, hence you can choose the perfect one for you. Whichever piece of Brazilian hair you choose, caring for it is necessary to continue enjoying its beautiful look.

Next, your whole head is weaved by braiding all hairs and then sewing the Brazilian Weave on top of the braids. There is no need to mix your own hair with the weave hair. Rather you will only able to see the weaves and not the braids. Now, with this weaves, you can make either bangs, a parted bang on the side or layers in front and anything you wants.

  1. Hair material: 100% Brazilian human hair. No fiber, No animal hair.
    2. Hair Quality: 8A grade High Quality, 100% unprocessed virgin hair-can last half year at least. Can Be Dyed, Permed, Bleached, Highlighted, Curled or Styled.
    3. Double weft-no shedding.
    4. Without any chemical process-Very Soft. No Smell, No Bad for health. You can see it in with your baby as usual. (Refuse other chemical hair, it is bad for health).
    5. Full Cuticle Aligned, Can Be Dyed, Permed, Bleached, Highlighted, Curled or Styled.
    6. Easy care, only wash it with cold water and air dry. Wash with hair conditioner is ok. Then it will last long time.
    7. Factory Wholesale Store of sayas Hair Company. Get Best Quality hair with lowest price.
    8. 24hours/7days Online, you can leave any questions to us. We are happy you get in touch with us. We will reply you as soon as possible until the all things clear.
    9. Each bundle is true to length.95-100gram (3.2oz-3.5oz/bundle)per bundle. If we shipped the wrong size, style or each bundle not enough can get full refund.For the length of the hair, make the hair stretch straight, and then measure the length.
    Shopping with sayas hair, we promise you will get the best hair, best price and best service. Let’s order now.

Brazilian Human Hair Weave Product Features

  • 8A Grade 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Human Hair From One Donor, Full Cuticle Aligned, Can Be Dyed ,Permed, Bleached, Highlighted, Curled or Styled As Your Own Hair
  • Strong Double Weft. No Smelling, No Shedding, No Tangle, No Lice. Tight and Neat
  • Every Bundle Ture to Length,95-100g (3.2oz-3.5oz/bundle) per Bundle.3 Bundles For a Full Head
  • Fulfillment By Amazon.1-3 Days Arrive With Free Shipping & Small Gift Random
  • No Reasons Return with Full Refund. If You Don’t Like The Hair, You Can Get Full Refund.-Shopping From Sayas Hair Company Without Any Risk

Brazilian Human Hair Weave

Brazilian Human Hair Weave